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Eastern Kentucky Pain Management Center

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(859) 626-7755
124 Northgate Dr
Richmond, KY 40475
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(859) 626-7755

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Photo of johnnyboy doe

johnnyboy doe

written: 1 Review
Doctor treats patients like $hit, and the place is completely unorganized. They often confuse patient's files and do not even attempt to help patients. It completely went downhill after Dr Budde left. It is now near impossible to get relief there, dont waste your time.
Photo of debbie j. fakharpour

debbie j. fakharpour

written: 1 Review
I became a patient at EKPM shortly after they opened in their current location. I chose to transfer from a Lexington practice - which was much closer to my home because of their Physician, Dr. Morgan Budde. I knew of him, by reputation, from his former practice in Floyd County where he had treated my nephew after an accident. To be honest, I did'nt really believe all the good things my family had to say about him, but I was so disappointed in the clinic where I'd been a patient for over 5 years, and had been stuck in "P.A. h---" for the last 2 of thoes years, that I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Budde - and I am so glad that I did! For the first time in years I was treated like a person, and not a machine or drug seeker, and, I was not 'forced' into having procedures bi-weekly, as I had been previously. (In a 6 mth. period, I was in the "surgery center" every 6 to 10 days having procedures which were no longer helping me at all, and was only seen 'in office' once during that entire time! My Neurologist of 18 yrs.finally intervened, and asked them to stop the procedures for awhile, and from that time on, I was in PA h--- I had 4 appointments in 1 month to see a doctor because I needed medication changes for insurance reasons, and although each of the appts were booked with a MD, I saw a PA instead, and each time they rescheduled me with the MD since they could not make the necessary changes, and each time I was charged for a full office visit although they did nothing but rebook, and urge me to schedule another procedure). Dr Budde is the complete opposite of my previous pain mgmt. MD.s. He actually listens and discusses your issues with you, and he has an excellent ability of 'recalling' your medical history, etc., and although he also does procedures, he does not force them upon you, or punish you, if for some reason (like having surgery) you have to postpone having them done. Dr. Budde is excellent at what he does, he's professional and personable, and very easy to relate to. If you are looking for someone to just write scripts, look elsewhre, he is NOT that kind of Doctor, but if you have real problems and are not drug seekers, then he is one of the best. The only problems I've experienced at EKPM have been with the front office staff and the billing dept., However, they've recently made changes in that area, so I'm hopeful these problems will soon be history. Problem #1.They have an answering system, yet they do not return phone calls. I'm being billed for a 'no show', actually 2 no shows, and although the previous manager assured me he would take care of the mistake, I am still receiving bills. The 1st one, the receptionst scheduled the appt. before I checked out, and I told her that that day would not work as I was having spinal surgery, and although she changed the date on my appt. card, she failed to take it off the computer. The 2nd one (the one rebooked the first time) was scheduled for 3 wks. following the surgery, and as soon as I found out I had to see the surgeon that same day in Lexington, I called to change my appt. with Dr Budde. That was almost 2 weeks before the appt. date, and I left a total of 17 messages from my cell (verified by the call log), along with just as many, if not more from my home #. No one called me back, although each time I left a message, I explained my problem, and told them I needed to rechedule. I finally got a live person 3 days before the appt. (The doctor had been out, and the office may have been closed during one of the weeks I'd been calling & leaving messages) however, I finally got a person instead of the machine, and she rescheduled me for @ 2 weeks later-BUT SHE DID NOT TAKE IT OFF THE COMPUTER AGAIN!!! Of course I did not know she had done this until I received the bill for 2 no shows, but when I took it in with me on my next appointment, the- then- manager assured me he would correct the mistakes, and told me to disregard any other statments regarding thoes 2 charges. ( I showed him the call log on my cell, but he said that he had heard the voice mails, and had instructed the receptionest to call me back-which she never did) The receptionest left not long afterwards, and so did that manager, but I'm still being billed for thoes mistakes. I have written the billing office, explaining the situation a few times, however it is still a problem. Although most of the office personell have changed in the last few months, they still do not return my calls when I leave voice mails, so my advice to other, especially new patients, is to keep calling until you get someone on the phone, or send faxes & keep the comfirmation receipts. Believe me, I'd much rather have a good and caring Doctor with a not so great front office, than have a great office staff with a not so great Doctor! If you keep in mind it's a relatively new office, and that they are making changes, I don't think it'll be very long before they hit upon the right combination, and the front office will be as efficient as the Doctor & back offices are. As someone who has managed MD offices in the past, and with family members who are employed in that position now, I know that it can-and-does take time to find the 'right' people and properly train them, and the excellent medical care I receive from Dr. Budde & his assistants more than makes up for any inconveinces caused by the failure to return telephone calls, or cancellation & billing mix-ups !!!

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(859) 626-7755

124 Northgate Dr, Richmond, KY 40475

"Doctor treats patients like $hit, and the place is completely unorganized. They often confu..."